The Wolf Of Real Estate NFT is the world's first NFT project backed by an established and successful real world real estate brokerage. Our community has exclusive access to education and business with web3 and IRL (In Real Life) opportunities.

W.O.R.E. Litepaper

The W.O.R.E. Team

Marketing Manager

David Morrell

Project Lead

Rocky Mix

Operations Manager

Nathan Singh

Strategic Advisor

Ross Macdonald

Full Stack Developer

Declan Maguire

Blockchain Developer

Ruan Periclys

Community Manager

Dodge Kudrna

Community Manager

Noah Porsager

Art Director

Ezequiel Malbergier

Marketing Specialist

Nina Kozlowska


  • NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” . These tokens are one-of-a-kind and unique. They use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership.

  • Metamask is a software-based cryptocurrency wallet. It stores your Ethereum and bridges interaction with Ethereum blockchain. You will need Metamask or a similar wallet to pre purchase or mint a W.O.R.E. NFT. Visit for more information.

  • A utility reward is a specific system created that gives NFT holders benefits in the real or digital world. This can be done through exclusive access, community or through different assets.

    Details on our specific utility rewards will be released as the roadmap unveils. We are in real estate, so let your imagination run wild.

  • There are a few ways, either presale, whitelist, or public sale. Follow on Twitter and Discord to learn more. How do I purchase?

  • Buy ETH

    Buy ETH from your preferred exchange

    Canada: Shakepay Sign up Bonus:

    USA: Coinbase Sign up Bonus:

    Shakepay and Coinbase are two popular exchanges that you can use. The sign-up process is easy and you can fund your account and purchase ETH quickly. Be sure to get slightly more ETH than the purchase price in order to cover network/gas fees. 0.05 ETH will more than cover it.

    Transfer ETH to Wallet

    Buy ETH from your preferred exchange

    Install a wallet on your phone via Google Chrome browser.
    Metamask + Trust Wallet are popular choices.


    Trust Wallet:

    Open wallet, select RECEIVE. Choose ETHEREUM and copy the address that appears. Go back to your exchange app (i.e. Shakepay or Coinbase) and select ethereum from your portfolio. There you can send/withdraw the desired amount of ETH to the address you copied from your wallet. Confirm that the amount of ETH to send to the address. Confirm that the wallet address you paste is the same as the receive address you copied.

    Connect Wallet to


    Go to W.O.R.E. Presale link in Chrome. Click connect wallet an follow wallet instructions.


    Open wallet and sollect 'Browser' (in settings for Metamask, in bottom nav bar for Trust Wallet). Go to W.O.R.E. Presale link, connect wallet and follow wallet instructions.

    Click to Pre-Purchase 1, 2 or 3 W.O.R.E. NFTs.

    Follow wallet instructions


    Welcome to the Wolf of Real Estate family! Get ready for launch 🚀


There are 100 Preorder Tickets available. Each ticket gets redeemed for 3 W.O.R.E. NFT's upon Mint.
Maximum 3 tickets per person (9 W.O.R.E. NFT's).
Presale Ticket holders will be Airdropped NFT upon launch & avoid gas fees upon mint.

Owned: 0/3

MINT - Coming Soon...

Mint will take place in Q2 F'22

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